Dove Shampoo Hairfall Rescue (170ml)


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Hair fall is a troublesome affair that creeps into your life every time you think you are finally ahead of the issue and this time around you should take a strong stand. Get to the root of the problem and ensure hair fall never troubles you by choosing the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. A shampoo that is specially formulated to keep your locks safe and strengthen it so you can enjoy thick and strong locks that impress every single person around. Perfected to reduce hair fall with every use, this special shampoo will strengthen your hair from the roots so it is deeply nourished and your hair can fight factors that cause hair fall. Ideal for men and women, this shampoo leaves damaged hair restored from a lifeless state transformed to a gorgeous state. Enriched with the micro moisture serum, this creamy shampoo will make sure your hair is softened and smoothed so with every touch of your locks makes you want to do it more often. The rich composition of the shampoo will make sure your hair is well protected from hair fall and breakage so you are always able to experiment with a new look in full confidence.




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